LoyaltyGrid activates your brand and rewards your customers at every point of sale.

All brands have one goal:
to grow or sustain market share

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It's not a secret that it costs 10 times more to win one new customer then keeping an existing one. Especially in today's 'always on' world where choices are endless.
Brands are struggling as people are less loyal.

That's why we created LoyaltyGrid.
A revolutionary and simple new way to motivate consumers choose your brand at point of purchase and rewarding them for their brand loyalty.

The benefits

Live <br>Statistics


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Having products equipped with an unique ID, Loyalty Grid can report detailed sales data on the go to your brands’ HQ.
Individual <br>Targeting


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Because we know who buys what and when, Loyalty Grid can give your brand unprecedented power to advert, reward and connect with customers on a personal level.
Trend <br>Analysis


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With detailed data analysis your brand knows what works and what doesn’t, making it possible to react to market trends in a totally new way.
Retail <br>Activation


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When activating your products with Loyalty Grid your brand will have the power to deliver offers, experiences and rewards that positions your brand ahead of your competitors.
Product <br>Control


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Knowing what product is sold, to whom and where your brand has total control of counterfeiting, fraud and copy infringement of your products.
Personal <br>Benefits


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The more loyal your customers are, the more they’ll get rewarded. To maximise consumer to customer conversion your brand has Loyalty Grid at your disposal to tailor offers so they fit consumers' personal needs and preferences.
Exclusive <br>Content


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Your brand has the power to tailor content to fit customers’ personal needs and taste. Our customer segmentation allows you to be truly relevant, adding value wherever and whenever possible.
Instant <br>Support


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Loyalty Grid makes it possible to create a personal dialog between your customers and your brand. Surveys, support, after sales are just a click away.
Product <br>Authenticity


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As all products have an unique non copiable ID, Loyalty Grid can assure customers that they’ve bought an original product, making counterfeits part of the past.
Simple <br>To Use

To Use

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No complicated process are needed. Just scan a product with your NFC enabled smartphone by placing it on the pack and Loyalty Grid activates on the fly.

How does it work?

In short

In short

Loyalty Grid transforms each product into a unique loyalty coupon. When activated the coupon connects the customer with the brand adding unprecedented opportunities and benefits at every point of sales.
Product Set-up

Product Set-up

By using an all-new patented printing technology we can equip paper packaging with NFC chips on a mass-scale.
Product Activation

Product Activation

The NFC tag is undetectable with the naked eye, but clearly designed to get the customers attention. Without any necessary preparations or installations the tag is scannable by any NFC ready smartphone.
Instant Consumer Benefits

Instant Consumer Benefits

When scanned, Loyalty Grid instantly connects the product with the customer and activates personalised benefits determined by the brand.
Live Reports

Live Reports

Once a product is activated it reports all data back to the Business' HQ. This data can be interpreted at an instant giving the brand an unprecedented source of information about sales patterns, customer profiles and preferences, location, etc.
Retail Independent

Retail Independent

Loyalty Grid allows your brand to directly activate, engage and reward customers at every point of sales without the interference of the retailer.
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  • Product Set-up
  • Product Activation
  • Instant Consumer Benefits
  • Live Reports
  • Retail Independent

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